Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What? She's Doing ANOTHER Blog?!?

As you may (or may not!) know, I'm known for hanging around the internets over at Never Enough Shoes. And you may (or may not!) know that lately I've been a bit MIA. No, not making paper planes but simply being bogged down in the detritus of Actual Real Life.

Le sigh.

So, because I obviously have too much to do, I've decided to give myself yet another blog. Only this one is a bit more personal - slightly less shoes but more about the general insanity that comes from being stuck in the weirdness that is Getting On With Day To Day Living.

There's going to be regular people I'll be talking about who I'll introduce in another post. They range from the most important people in my life to the ones who annoy me to the ones who make me laugh.

I'm also potentially embarking on some exciting quests this year which writing about will make all the more fun and exciting.

Stick with me if you can be bothered. If you do, I might bake you some cakes!

NES xxx

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