Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The One Where I Tell You Who Everyone Is

So there's some fairly important people that I have in my life. And then just people. If you believed Facebook to be representative, then there is 215 people. Obviously, this is a mistruth. The following are the ones who will be most involved over the coming days, weeks, months, infinity.

The Daughter
Unsurprisingly, she is the most important one. The Daughter is 4 years old and is about to start school in September. She likes pirates and ninjas but pirates most of all at the moment and is not averse to dressing like a pirate princess. She is very funny, very clumsy and possibly too cute.

The Hairy Drummer
He is hairy and a drummer and also has the pleasure of being my boyfriend. I hate that word - boyfriend - but that is him. He's sarcastic and grumpy and all kinds of wonderful.
The Archeologist
This is The Daughter's father. He's a super fantastic father. He likes old things and vinyl. We are just polar opposites in terms of being together which is why we're not.
Ma Mere
Ah, my mother. She's generally a small ball of activity and will NEVER let me read Style before she has. I do grow more like her everyday which is possibly worrying for all involved.
The Tanquery Grump
The Tanquery Grump runs the pub where I work a few evenings a week. He hates customers but loves gin. And The Cult. Dear god, does he love The Cult....
The Twitteratti
That's a ridiculous term isn't it but it fits. If I ever have to mention someone off of that there Twitter then I will do so by their Twitter nom de plume. Chances are you know most of them anyway or you are one.
The Ninja And The Bass Viking
The other componants to The Hairy Drummer's band. They're actually not all that bad despite their ridiculous name.
There'll be others no doubt but they'll be introduced as and when.

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