Sunday, 20 September 2009

The One Where Overhearing Made Me Laugh

Oh dear girls of the world. If you all think how these two unfortunates do in the following conversation I overheard between two girls working in H&M the other day, then I weep for you and the future of mankind.

No, really. People this stupid or, more kindly I suppose, naive will bring about the apocalypse.

Girl #1: So really, when he's not talking to you or like texting you or y'know, he's not ignoring you. He's really just like really thinking about what he wants to say to you.

Girl #2: Really?

Girl #1: Yeah. It's like he doesn't want to say the wrong thing so he's like really taking the time to think about it before. Men do that.

I couldn't hear any more of this fascinating exposé on the inner workings of men's minds for laughing too hard and then being glared at by these poor creatures.

They'll learn. We all do at some point hopefully.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

The One Where Everything Seems To Be Coming Together

I'm bringing this missive to you, dear reader, from the comfort of a bed on a gloriously sunny, if crisply chilled, September day. I am positively revelling in my unemployed status so long as my bank account affords my this luxury.

Also, I've found a builder who understands that simple jobs don't take that long to do and that I may be back in my own house before Christmas.

And The Daughter has started school with no problems whatsoever.

And two of my lovely friends got married.

And I got my shiny new laptop.

And some new shoes.

Life, at the moment, is pretty alright actually.