Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The One Where We Catch Up

Oh dear. I'm sorry. It really is a case of it wasn't you, it was me. I've neglected you again and I'm sorry. Truly. But this is what's been happening....

I had to go back to work. Full time. Which is time consuming in a boring way when you don't have internet access during the day.

My dad decided that his visit would coincide with Christmas and last for seven weeks instead of the five he'd planned.

My house still wasn't finished.

The Daughter reached her fifth birthday unscathed.

My house still wasn't finished.

And now? My house still isn't finished. That's right, dear reader, I have technically been homeless since July 2009. Considering I won't move back in until May 2010, that's nearly a year. I could have done a petty crime and been housed at Her Majesty's Pleasure and been released in that time. Or grown a baby.

You know how I said I thought I'd got a builder who understood what a schedule was? Yeah, that didn't happen. Instead The Loss Adjuster and The Surveyor decided to go with the cheapest quote. One of the first things you learn when you deal with builders is that you never, ever go with the cheapest quotes.


Because stuff like this happens. It's too dull to recount but at the moment, the builders are an impressive 12 weeks behind schedule. The fact that another company could have done all the work in 12 weeks is neither here nor there. The fact that the lease on the temporary house ran out 4 weeks ago is also, apparently, neither here nor there.

Meanwhile, The Daughter and I are ensconced at my mother's, Teh Kitteh is annoying The Archaeologist and The Hairy Drummer is annoying his parents. It is far from ideal and I'm tired from trying to get things moving along at a more acceptable pace.

And to top it all off, Arsenal are currently losing to Spurs.


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  1. i can't believe they still haven't finished your house! i'm sorry to hear about all the big messes, i really hope it all starts moving more smoothly soon xx