Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The One Where It's My Birthday And I'll Cry If I Want To But I Don't Think I Will, Thanks All The Same

Dear reader, today you find me one year older and having to remember to say 28 when people ask me my age.
You wouldn't think that being asked my age happens a lot but somehow to me, it does. Maybe it's because I don't feel 28. I certainly don't act 28 a lot of the time and (though I do say so myself) I don't particularly look 28.
You also find me ruminating on my life's work - my accomplishments and my failures. I think it's important, especially when things don't seem to be going all that well, to have a good think about all the good things you've achieved and to work out where you went wrong on the things that didn't turn out quite so well. My life at 28 is certainly a lot different to how I imagined it would be when I was 18 but that doesn't make it worse or better than what I thought it'd be. At the same time though, it's important to keep hold of dreams and aspirations and understand that over time they will change and you will fulfill some and dash others.
And so, with all that naval-gazing out the way, I'm off for a posh meal in the country with The Hairy Drummer, who has got me a surprise present. I haven't told him I tend to be disappointed with surprise presents but I'm sure it will be made of win and awesome.

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